KING COHEN 2017 Documentary



DOC NYC Festival Monday, 11/13, 9pm at Cinepolis Chelsea

Attention NYC area folks! KING COHEN is at the prestigious DOC NYC festival Monday, 11/13, 9pm at Cinepolis Chelsea. Director Steve Mitchell and subject/star Larry Cohen will be in attendance at the show! Join us — tix available here:


Montreal July 2017 Lifetime Achievement Award for Larry Cohen This summer, Fantasia will be saluting the groundbreaking work of independent filmmaker Larry Cohen. Read >>  


  “He ordered her to murder him, or was it a delusion?” An experiment in terror in broad daylight. A pilot for a new thriller anthology written and produced by Larry Cohen, directed by Paul Glickman A Larry Cohen Production     ABOUT DELUSION If you’re... Read more »

It’s Alive

It’s Alive is a 1974 American horror film written, produced, and directed by Larry Cohen. In the movie, a couple’s infant child turns out to be a vicious mutant monster that kills when frightened. Notable talents involved in the movie were Bernard Herrmann... Read more »


Larry’s first film was Bone, which was released in 1970. Bone is an anomaly in genre-meister Larry Cohen’s long career behind the camera. Part black comedy social satire, part overblown pompous civil rhetoric, it speaks of its era... Read more »

Q – The Winged Serpent

Q (also known as The Winged Serpent and as Q – The Winged Serpent) is a 1982 horror film written and directed by Larry Cohen and starring Michael Moriarty, Candy Clark, David Carradine, and Richard Roundtree. The film’s... Read more »

The Private Files of J. Edgar Hoover

  The Private Files of J. Edgar Hoover is a 1977 film directed by Larry Cohen. It stars Broderick Crawford and James Wainwright. The all star cast includes Jose Ferrer, Michael Parks, Celeste Holm, Ronee Blakely, Tanya Roberts in a cameo role, and in final... Read more »

Phone Booth

A fiendish publicist finds himself being held hostage in a phone booth by an extreme moralist who watches his victim’s every move through the scope of his high-power sniper rifle, while speaking to the publicist via the phone booth. The caller prides himself on using force... Read more »

Original Gangstas

Marvin Bookman is a small shop owner in Gary, Indiana, USA. After he sees a drive-by shooting of Laurie Thompson’s son by a local gang, he gives up the license number of the car to the police. The gang doesn’t like this so they go to the store and rough him up. Soon,... Read more »


Born on July 15, 1941 in Washington Heights, New York. Educated at the City College of New York. Educated at the City College of New York. In the late 1950’s he starts writing teleplays as well as scripts for... Continue reading »